Glen Moray 16 years old Single Malt Whisky

Tasting Notes:

Tasting Notes:

Dried fruit, chocolate and barley sugar.


Deep gold


A rich and mature nose with a robust character. It is reminiscent of dried fruit, perhaps figs and raisins, mixed with chocolate and spices (cloves and boiling sweets). There is a hint of leather and linseed oil giving an overall impression of warmth and depth of character.

With water, barley sugar emerges with mint humbugs and a hint of oak smoke. A whiff of peat is now noticeable.


Sweet, full and exceptionally well-rounded, the taste is smooth with a good firm body, meeting the expectations set from the rich, mature nose. The texture is gently oily and mouth-coating with chewy oak tannins. The flavour is initially of toffee, progressing to mint humbugs and barley sugar and followed by a hint of smoke and peat flavours.


Medium to long finish with a flavour and texture reminiscent of barley sugar and humbugs.

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