Located in the heart of Speyside, Scotland’s whisky capital, the Glen Moray distillery has been producing fine single malt since 1897.

Through the boom times of late 19th Century and enduring two World Wars, the consistency and care taken to produce our spirit has ensured GLEN MORAY has always remained one of the most highly-regarded Speyside single malts.

Our Master Distiller

Since the first drops of spirit ran from the copper pot stills at Glen Moray on the 13th September 1897, just five men have had the honor of holding the title “Master Distiller.”

The know-how and craftsmanship built over years of experience has been passed through generations to ensure every drop has the same quality as the last.

Graham Coull, our Master Distiller says:
“With a great, long serving team working on the creation of the spirit, I am always delighted with the quality of the new make produced at Glen Moray. It is then up to me to pick the optimal time to remove the matured whisky from the oak to ensure the highest quality Single Malt makes it into the bottle.”

- Graham Coull, Master Distiller


From a brewery, a new distillery is born

Our distillery was originally the Elgin West Brewery, which opened in 1830, producing local ales. Surviving handwritten ledgers show the first spirit run was made on September 13th, 1897, using local barley.

This new make spirit was filled into a wide variety of casks, an unusual practice for the time. It’s a tradition that continues today – our whisky matures in our onsite warehouses in everything from sherry and chardonnay to port casks, producing an intricate spectrum of flavours.


The distillery is well recognised for its work

Indeed after being bought by Macdonald & Muir, a famous wine and spirits merchant, such was the demand for Glen Moray single malt that in 1924, an 1893 vintage was bottled and put on sale at the distillery. It was an unusually rare gem, considering the infancy of single malt whisky released during the era.


Glen Moray invests and expands its production

After a brief production pause during the Second World War, the distillery is back in business. In 1956, new warehouses are opened to accommodate rising demand.

Expansion continues during the 1950’s and a commitment to traditional values is made with the acquisition of Gallowcrook Farm, one of the sources of the very first batch of barley used back in 1897. Two new copper stills and a new still house are added, with the distillery upgraded from coal to oil.

Continuing this ethos of innovation, in the late 1950s modern Saladin malting facilities are installed, enabling output to double and making Glen Moray one of the most up-to-date malt spirit producers in Scotland.


MacDonald and Muir changes its name to Glenmorangie

Then in 2004, French Luxury goods group Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH) buys Glenmorangie.

In 2008, LVMH sells Glen Moray distillery to La Martiniquaise and the brand is handled by Bardinet since.


First wood finishes launched – Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc

The 1987-appointed Master Distiller Edwin Dodson brings a pioneering passion for unusual cask maturation that harks back to the original days of production at Glen Moray. His 1999 release of two expressions of Glen Moray matured in Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay casks is revolutionary for the brand.


Graham Coull becomes fifth master distiller

After two decades in charge of the stills, Edwin Dodson retires - but not before passing on his wide knowledge to his successor – Graham Coull. Appreciating the great honour of taking on the role, Graham marries his respect for the Glen Moray traditions with an eagerness to explore innovative new techniques, taking the brand from strength to strength.


A new look for the Elgin Classic single malt and launch of the Elgin Classic Collection

Our family of whiskies grows with the introduction of the CLASSIC RANGE, created by experimenting with a range of wine casks during the maturation process. The unique expressions offer an unrivalled breadth of flavour. Alongside the wine cask varieties, Glen Moray's intense and subtly-smoked expression of our Classic Single Malt, the Glen Moray Peated Single Malt, completes the range.


Aged single malts and the birth of the Elgin Heritage Collection

Whether your preference is the elegant 12 year old, the satisfying 15 year old or the decadent 18 year old, each dram from our Heritage Collection is there to be savoured and enjoyed. This is one accessible slice of luxury that doesn't need to be saved for special occasions.