Our Soul

As a Single Malt, Glen Moray is distilled in pot stills entirely by our distillery from water and only malted barley since 1897. Carefully matured in Bourbon's cask sourced from North America. The result is a typical Single Malt from Speyside, soft and fruity with a large range which appeales to all consumers looking for a true story.

The Art of Selecting

Over the years, the Glen Moray Distillery has built an exceptional portfolio of Speyside Single Malt. The marriage of our spirit and oak is something which is closely watched over the years of maturation. We sourced a wide and varied range of casks which allow our whiskies to omature in style such as Port Pipe, sherry caks, Chardonnay barrels etc...

Elgin Classic Collection

The GLEN MORAY CLASSIC collection is a perfect marriage between innovation and heritage, challenging the boundaries of flavour by employing traditional techniques at the core of the brand. The result is an intriguing range of whiskies that will enchant both whisky novices and enthusiasts alike.

Elgin Heritage Collection

This range is comprised of exceptional single malts that best encapsulate quality and accessibility: the elegant 12 year old, the satisfying 15 year old and the decadent 18 year old.

Master Distiller Graham Coull says: “Glen Moray's Elgin Heritage Collection has been carefully matured to create a smooth, sweet character combined with subtle oak flavours. Our unique Speyside climate gently influences these whiskies to produce a well-rounded character and complex finish.”

Elgin Reserve

This extremely rare vintage comes the market as a limited edition. Individually numbered, each bottle is unique.

Finished in authentic Port Casks imported from the best port houses in Portugal, this rich and complex whisky offers a wide variety of delicate aromas.

Our Story

Finest Quality
Since 1897

Located in Scotland's whisky heartland, Speyside, the Glen Moray distillery has been producing fine single malt Scotch since 1897.