Our Soul

As a Single Malt, Glen Moray is distilled in pot stills entirely by our distillery from water and only malted barley since 1897. Carefully matured in American oak casks sourced from North America. The result is a typical Single Malt from Speyside, soft and fruity with a large range which appeals to all consumers looking for a true story.

The Art of Selecting

Over the years, the Glen Moray Distillery has built an exceptional portfolio of Speyside Single Malt. The marriage of our spirit and oak is something which is closely watched over during the years of maturation. We source a wide and varied range of casks which allow our whiskies to mature in styles such as port pipes, sherry butts and chardonnay barrels.

Classic Single Malt

Our signature Single Malt. Aged for an average of seven years in entirely ex-bourbon casks, the majority of which are first-fill. The Elgin Classic is light, smooth, easy-drinking and competitively priced.


Fragrant and lightly drying with warming malty notes. Butterscotch and shortbread with herbal grassy notes.


Malty toffee sweetness with blackcurrant and a fragrant lemongrass citrus.


Shortbread, fresh herbal notes and ginger marmalade.

Glen Moray Classic Sherry Cask Finish

Only the finest Oloroso casks are used to mature this extraordinary single malt. The Elgin Classic's unmistakable vanilla and light oak is still evident but, with vibrant dried fruit and earthy, nutty notes of the sherry, the finish is multi-faceted.


Dried fruits, cinnamon and toffee candy.


Sweet vanilla oak, dark chocolate and oriental spice.


Satisfyingly long with a tingle of spice.

Glen Moray Classic Port Cask Finish

This light and fruity expression is finished for eight months in Port pipes from Porto Cruz, the N°1 Porto company in the world. The spirit picks up intense embellishments of summer fruit, dark chocolate and cinnamon and a distinct pink hue.


Toasted vanilla and light oak, rich dried fruits.


Refreshing spice with a citrus lemon tang. Caramelised sweetness with cinnamon.


Lingering, with sweet spice and delicate oak.

Classic Chardonnay Cask Finish

A perfect balance of carmelised fruit, butterscotch and lingering notes of toasted oats.


A fresh clean nose with hints of apples, pear drops, fresh key lime pie and bubblegum fading to a cinnamon sugar aroma


An elegant whisky with a soft mouthfeel and a taste befitting this meeting of Speyside and Burgandy


A nutty vanilla comes bursting out with a soft cinnamon spice culminating in a gentle floral finish

Classic Cabernet Cask Finish

This sweet and full bodied Glen Moray is finished in Cabernet red wine casks developing notes of spice and fruit, balancing with toasted oak vanilla and smooth warming flavours.


Honey, sweet apple jelly, toffee and honeycomb crisp


Creamy vanilla, pepper and spice. Velvety dark chocolate and charred oak.


An initial burst of sweetness fades into the dying embers of burnt oak and intense spice.

Glen Moray Classic Peated Single Malt Whisky

The intense and subtly-smoked expression of our Classic Single Malt, this is the perfect easy-drinking introduction to peated whiskies. Matured in ex-bourbon casks for added spiciness.


Complex layers of peaty smokiness with vanilla, tangy rhubarb and hints of leather.


Instant peat smoke, lightly spiced with creamy vanilla.


Long, sweet and spicy.