Classic cabernet cask finish


Our cabernet cask finish

Classic cabernet cask finish

Sweet and full-bodied, this is one of the first single malt to be finished in Cabernet Sauvignon red wine casks. Its unique character is testament to our long-held passion for bringing new flavours to Glen Moray by innovating with different styles of cask. Our spirit is first matured in American oak until our Master Distiller believes it is ready for more. Then this whisky is exclusively finished in European red wine casks for several months, becoming rich with dark chocolate and intense spice. The rare union of oak and red wine flavours creates a beautifully rounded whisky with a distinctive edge. It is a delight for single malt lovers and whisky newcomers alike.


Honey, sweet apple jelly, toffee and honeycomb crisp.


Creamy vanilla, pepper and spice. Velvety dark chocolate and charred oak.


An initial burst of sweetness fades into the dying embers of burnt oak and intense spice.

COLOUR: Warm gold.

CASK TYPE: Bourbon barrel & finish in Cabernet Sauvignon cask.

40% ABV.

FORMATS: 70cl, 75cl

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