Smoke and mirrors

Smoke and mirrors

There's a subtle intensity to this Old Fashioned, which beautifully reflects the smoky taste of our Peated Single Malt. Brown sugar's softness delivers the cocktail's characteristic sweetness, balanced with our whisky's bonfire notes.

  • 50ml Glen Moray Peated
  • 1 tsp dark brown soft sugar
  • 2 tsp water
  • 2 dashes Glen Moray Bitters
  • 1 sprig pine, to garnish
  • Ice


Add our Glen Moray Peated Single Malt, sugar and water to an Old Fashioned glass and stir. Add an ice cube and continue to stir, then add bitters, more ice and stir again. When the drink achieves the perfect balance, garnish with a sprig of pine. Slàinte!

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